Friday, December 18, 2009

Filth is coming out of the drains, again.

The strings are pulled, the knives are high.
Mr. Honey Tongue is talking of love, rolling bones and souls towards the graves.
From the withered mountain Mr. Crippled Brain is barking with his twisted tongue.
The stage is set, the guests are met, who'll be the first to start the dance ?
And we thought it was over.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For the people living in year 2199

I would like to leave a note for people who I hope will be living in better times than these.
The dreams of my generation turned into nightmares, we believed in peace and freedom, we believed in souls' enlightenment. We were dreaming of a less materialistic society, not entirely driven by money and greed. We were waiting for an age of spirituality, a breath of purifyng religion and sense of wonder for the universe and all the things in it. What have we got now ? Ideals are long gone and forgotten it seems, the consumistic beast had devoured our best dreams, caught in a rat race we forgot that there could be a better life for mankind. Religion has turned into a sort of politic party, it only serve for somebody's needs to control and manipulate. What do we see 'round the corner ? Old ancient mindless ideologies of violence are surfacing again in our societies, wolves are beginning to bark again, they're guiding their sheeps into the new internment camps. What will all this be leading to ? i'm not optimistic, i still think that mankind has a long way to go before we learn that we could build a better world for all. I think that there are dark times ahead of us, times where wolves be be wearing sheep's clothes, they'll be talking of love, using it as a strategy to justify their deeds. But it will be a conditioned love, those who're with them will be the chosen ones, and the others will only be an obstacle to remove. The age of brain control is coming into action, the puppeteers have started to weave their strings. I'm dreaming now that in 100 years my grandnephews will be dreaming their own dreams and build a better way of living, in peace with all mankind.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ambientalism and people who care.

Paul Cat & Lola

This seems to be the year of old friends returning into my life, it's true that soul brothers may be distant but they never forget each other. Paul was one of my musical heroes, we became friends and shared some crazy times in our youth. I've met him last summer after a couple of decades we had lost contact and it was just like finding again a lost brother.

Paul has got a long story behind him, guess many of you out there have heard about Paul Chain's Death SS. My old band The Drivers, and Paul's SS, were the only bands in my town in the late seventies and early eighties, we were the very pioneers of the musical scene of our bleak town. Sometime ago he decided to die artistically and then he came back again in another incarnation. He now calls himself Paul Cat, if you don't know anything about him this is a good opportunity to know better a free mind in a chained world.

So let me introduce you his new project called "Metropolis" which is not only about music but also about environment and ambientalism. You can download for free the entire new album and also look at his projects, you'll find his website enlightening.
I hope you will find him as special as he really is.

Paul Cat for ambientalism
Metropolis (2009)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

High Hopes.

I find myself sincerely hoping that this world will end soon, before it falls further down the sewer, I very much hope that some lunatic initiates the dance of Shiva. Humanity repeats the same mistakes decade after decade and I am a guy who gets easily bored. So, or we start all over again or it's better to stop this insane meaningless race. I don't wanna see history repeating itself, racism, greed, selfishness, limited mentality of people, mass communications control, i already know that idiot movie.
Stop this show.

Art (real art).

Art must be a scratch in the conscience of people or nothing at all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A warning.

We, people of the '60s, we had been speechless, dumbed by astonishment, we watched the ground fall off our feet, our dreams drown into mud and yet we thought it was ok. We didn't realize the price we'd have to pay was so gloomy. Our was the blame of failure. Now some wretched mind with crippled tongue is pushing things forward again into the black. The sowers of hate are frying people's mind, surfing on fears breeded by mass communications puppeteers. I'm so fucking bored of mankind, stupidity over greed over blindness. I wish a stone may soon be rolling to erase this useless madness.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scratches of time.

The Drivers, born on a cold winter's day in my home from some of the most dangerous minds of my wretched hometown. The Drivers and Paul Chain's Death SS were the only bands in town, The starting of the eighties was a time of confusion and great hopes, it really was another world. The times were exciting, punk had just left and the new-wave was coming in, we felt as everything was possible for us. When we strolled around downtown with our leather neckties and jackets people used to look at us as if we were aliens and somehow we really were. We didn't care, all we ever wanted was to follow our dreams and express ourselves having fun in the meanwhile. The band lasted for about 3 years, we played several gigs and concerts and even went on air on some of the first private televisions in Italy. When people started to recognize us the band broke up. Many people of my hometown still remember The Drivers.

A special thought goes to Aldo Polverari, one of my best friends and one of the best persons i've ever known. Those who met you and knew you still miss you Aldo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Things you should read more.

Il bar Charlie era pieno zeppo e Charlie non era solo, dietro il bancone con lui c’era la Simonetta la ragazza che aveva assunto negli ultimi tempi. Ordinarono due ceres e poi
si misero a sedere ad un tavolo libero. Ad un tavolo poco distante dal loro c’era Ledo e il suo gruppo tutti rigidamente griffati, per lo più Armani e Versace. “Cazzo io non li sopporto quelli, tutti con i loro abitini firmati, apparenza e nient’altro, stanno in giro a galleggiarsi e niente più”. Disse Luca. “Non sono i soli; il mondo è pieno di gente come loro, è la superficialità che la vince sopra ognoi altra cosa”. Disse Joyce e continuò: “Ti uccidono con la loro superficialità, tu non ci fai caso, non ti va di vedere come stanno le cose, così li accetti e così finisci per diventare come loro, capisci? E’ così che va il mondo e loro in fondo non chiedono niente di più, vogliono solo che tu sia come loro, vogliono potersi specchiare come in uno specchio d’acqua, che niente li disturbi, e così finiscono per ucciderti, è così se non stai attento”.

Charlie's bar was crowded and Charlie wasn't alone, behind the counter there was Simonetta with him, the girl he hired in recent times. They ordered two Ceres and sat down at a table. At another table not far from them there was Ledo and his group, all rigidly signed mostly Armani and Versace. "Shit i can't stand them, all with their signed dresses, appearance and nothing more, they're out to show off and nothing more" said Luca . They're not alone: the world is full of people like them, is superficiality that the wins above everything else. Joyce said and continued : "They kill you with their superficiality, you just don't mind, you don't want to see how things really are, so you accept them and in the end you're going to be one of them, you understand ? this is the way the world goes and after all they ask for nothing more, they want to be reflected as in a water pool, don't want anything that may bother them, and so they'll end up to kill you if you're not careful."

© Mauro Copes - 2009, from the book "Fuori dal freddo" "Out of the cold" .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Once again ?

Tình yêu là Tất cả bạn cần
Liefde is Alles wat jy nodig
Dashuria është e gjitha që ju nevojitet
الحب هو كل ما تحتاجه
Любоў Усё, што вам трэба
L'amor és tot el que necessites
Láska je vše, co potřebujete
당신이 필요한 건 사랑입니다
Ljubav je sve što trebate
Kærligheden er Alt hvad du behøver
אהבה היא כל מה שאתה צריך
Armastus on kõik, mida vaja
Rakkaus on kaikki mitä tarvitset
O amor é todo o que necesitas
Cariad Y cyfan sydd angen
Η αγάπη είναι μόνο που χρειάζεστε
प्यार है तुम सब की ज़रूरत
Cinta adalah Yang Anda butuhkan
Ást er allt sem þú þarft
Mīlestība ir Viss, kas nepieciešams
Meilė Viskas ko jums reikia
Љубовта е Се што ви треба
Cinta adalah Yang anda butuhkan
Kjærlighet er alt du trenger
Liefde is Alles wat u nodig
عشق است چیزی که نیاز دارید
Miłość to wszystko czego potrzebujesz
O amor é tudo que você precisa
Dragostea este Tot ce ai nevoie
Љубав је Све што је потребно
El amor es todo lo que necesitas
Kärlek är allt du behöver
Upendo ni unahitaji Tafsiri
Love ay Lahat ng kailangan mo
Liebe ist Alles was Sie brauchen
ליבע איז אלע איר דאַרפֿן

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things you should read.

Mauro Copes, a dear old friend of mine wrote his first book this year. He's been one of my closest mates during my troubled youth. I read the book and found it deep and enjoyable. I'm pleased and honored to be publishing some excerpts from his book in Italian and English translation.

“Già, è incredibile che degli uomini possano essere così accecati dai quattrini, è disgustoso.”
“Sono anime perse, anime morte.” Disse Joyce. “Già anime morte…” “Perché voi credete all’anima ?”S’intromise Alfio e continuò:”se si, si esigono illuminazioni a riguardo signor Joyce” . Joyce stette un po’ in silenzio poi disse :”Tu credi all’inferno, il paradiso e il purgatorio?” “no, certo che no.” “Beh io ci credo, voglio dire metaforicamente. Vedi ci sono anime che sono anime morte, non c’è altra definizione, anime di personaggi, tanto per citare il più celebre come Hitler. La sua anima (perché l’anima ha una voce), non ha mai avuto voce in capitolo, non è mai esistita; voglio dire magari da bambino aveva un anima, magari anche quando era pittore, ma poi l’ha persa. Hitler ha fatto cose paurose, mostruose, tutte dettate dalla sua folle ragione, e l’anima ? Dove era la voce dell’anima ? Niente, zero, l’anima era morta era stata uccisa. Per persone di questo genere l’immortalità dell’anima non esiste, l’anima muore per sempre insieme a loro. E’ questo il loro inferno”. “E questo lo chiami inferno, cessare di esistere, io non la vedo così male, comunque sarà meglio cambiare discorso non mi piace parlare del cazzo di morte,” disse Alfio. “Se tu hai paura della morte sei un cazzutissimo idiota. La morte è un fatto naturale, fa parte della natura, quindi se hai paura della morte hai anche paura della natura delle cose e quindi in ultimo della tua natura ossia di te stesso. Comunque tornando al discorso di prima, tornando all’anima credo che la mortalità dell’anima sia un inferno, perché se c’è qualcosa di immortale in noi questa è l’anima e l’immortalità è il più bel dono che Dio ci ha fatto. Quando l’anima cessa di esistere non rimane più niente, solo la desolazione che il tizio si è lasciato dietro, deve essere terribile…” “Questo sarebbe l’inferno e il purgatorio ?” Disse Luca. “Il purgatorio sono anime dannate ma non per sempre, un giorno ascenderanno in paradiso ed è questa consolazione che le rende forti, capaci di sopportare il patimento.” “Ma cosa intendi per anime dannate ?” Chiese Luca con aria assorta. “Intendo che queste anime continuano ad esistere, e giorno dopo giorno con una consapevolezza quasi totale, rivedono gli sbagli della loro vita e le miserie che ne sono derivate, e quello che hanno perso, per anni e anni, ecco cosa intendo.” “Una visione molto personale la tua Joyce, personale e profonda.” Disse Luca. “Poi c’è il paradiso e lì ci sono le anime che possono contemplare il tutto, Dio incluso penso; ecco cosa deve essere il paradiso, pura beatitudine per l’eternità.”

“yeah, it’s incredible that some men can be so blinded by money, it’s disgusting.” “They’re lost souls, dead souls,” said Joyce . “right, dead souls…” “why, do you believe in soul ?” Alfio butted in and continued : “if so I demand you some insights about it Mr. Joyce “ . Joyce stayed a bit in silence then said : “ do you believe in hell, heaven and purgatory?” “no, surely not.” “well i do believe it, i mean metaphorically. You see, there are souls which are dead souls, there’s no other definition, souls of famous people just like for example Hitler. His soul (because souls have got voice) never had a chance to express, it never existed; I mean that even if as a child he had a soul, maybe even as a painter, but then he lost it. Hitler did hideous and monstrous things, all suggested by his insane reason, and soul ? Where was the voice of soul ? Nothing, zero, soul was dead, it had been killed. For this kind of people the immortality of the soul doesn’t exist, the soul dies forever at the same time with them. This is their hell”. “And do you call this hell ? to cease to exist, i don’t see it so bad, anyway we’ll better change subject, I don’t like to talk about fucking death.” Alfio said. “If you’re afraid of death you’re just a jerk. Death is a natural thing, it’s part of nature, therefore if you’re afraid of death you’re also afraid of the nature of things, hence you’re afraid of your nature, afraid of yourself.” Anyway back our subject, returning to the soul, I believe that the mortality of the soul is a kind of a hell, because if there is something in us that is immortal then it’s the soul, immortality is the most beautiful gift that God has given us . When the soul ceases to exist, nothing remains, only the desolation that the guy left behind, must be terrible ... ""That would be hell and purgatory?" Said Luke. "The Purgatory are damned souls but not forever, one day they’ll ascend to heaven and it is this consolation that makes them stronger, able to endure the suffering." "What do you mean by damned souls?" Churches Luca with a worried look. "I mean, these souls continue to exist, and day after day with almost total awareness examine the mistakes of their lives and the misfortunes that have resulted, and what they have lost for years and years, that's what I mean." "Yours is a very personal view Joyce, personal and profound." Luca said. "Then there's heaven and there are souls that can contemplate everything, including God I think, that’s what must be heaven, pure bliss for eternity."

© Mauro Copes - 2009, from the book "Fuori dal freddo" "Out of the cold" .

Monday, August 31, 2009


"LOVE!", of course, has been inspired by Love, in some of its many forms. I wrote and recorded these songs during 2003-2004. This cd is somehow magic for me, many coincidences have followed the making of it. Each song has its story. Some nice, others not. The songs are spontaneous, born to communicate and to be understood and i really wish you will enjoy them. Have fun.

  • "From now on" most songs are born from suffering, and most of the suffering is because of love, somehow.
  • "Tumbling man" the negation of love, the darkest side of me.
  • "Welcome to the party" an acid dance song. The love for power. Real Power. Panem et circenses. Nothing has changed.
  • "Blues for Kalpana" the LOVE for adventure, for knowledge. To risk your own life for it. Space. Stars. The last frontier. Dedicated to Kalpana Chawla.
  • "Face to face" the first real true love song i have ever written.
  • "New words" when love comes to an end all that you wish are new words to restart yourself.
  • "The witch" I love women and their dark mysterious bewitched wild side, i have known many of them. How do witches make love ? Here's my soundtrack for it.
  • "Morning girl" the feeling i got when i wrote this song was that it would have been perfect sung by Paul Mc Cartney not by my ugly voice. Paul if you're there have a listen.
  • "Quello che tu sei" thinking too much about yourself can be dangerous.

Tell the sun.

"Tell the sun", my 1st CD, contains a selection of some of the best songs i wrote during the last 20 years. The songs are very different one from each other, they're a summary of my musical experiences from 1980 until now.

  • "Angel of the night", one of my favourite songs, a sad and Wagner-like violins intro with an electric final vision.
  • "Things you do" How sex can improve your life.
  • "Chi sei?" - "Who are you?". Who are you deep down inside and late at night ?
  • "Lost in the subway" This song would have probably been a hit in the '80s. I love the old new wave sound.
  • "Try to speak" Just a dream in the night. Someone told me this song is "soothing".
  • "Never seek to tell" From a poem by William Blake (1757-1827) a romantic and happy song, playing the unpredictable games of love.
  • "Games to play" The sea and me. There are whale's chants at the end of the song.
  • "Tell the sun" This song is about innocence. Growing older and losing it.
  • "Evensong" Words and visions. The liturgy of depression.
  • "I had a home" Many people like the '70s progressive sound of this song.
  • "Sogno" Acoustic guitar, flamenco and psichedelic sounds.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

谢谢你 (thanks 郑力铭)

Many thanks to 郑力铭 for helping me updating my website.
Music unites the world.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Games to play

Winter calls while summer falls
and walks away
Games to play in the cold
and lonely rain
I can see
I can leave
I wont' take anymore

And day by day
When the sky is turning gray
Something's calling me
Deep inside of me but so far away
I can see
I can leave
I wont' take anymore

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Face to face (a song for summer)

Late at night The cold wind blows
Cold wind's calling just for you
Keep the faith
You're not alone
Not a moment in this world

And it's now or never
Should we stay together
It is all that we can do
You're my sunshine you're my rain
Only you can heal my pain
Please don't let me slip away
'cause you know that I can't live without you
and you know you know I'll never try to
all I want is you and me face to face
I want to take all the love you make
I want to stay until the end of days
'cause all I want is you and me face to face

You've taken my heart
You're important for me
Can I hold you tight tonight
I miss you when the sun is up
I miss you when the moonlight shines

And it's now or never
Should we stay together
It is all that we can do
You're my sunshine you're my rain
Only you can heal my pain
Please don't let me slip away
'cause you know that I can't live without you
and you know you know I'll never try to
all I want is you and me face to face
I want to take all the love you make
I want to stay until the end of days
'cause all I want is you and me face to face

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shivers of eternity.

In the wrinkles of time
i am the danger.

While time's falling on you
like black tar rain
who'll be the next
to play the test ?

Hollow earth is still here
ready to devour frontiers
and who'll be to blame ?
the electronic brain ?

Give us hope, give us peace
or rot inside your fears.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Total rest.

This world has turned into a disgusting place to live in and
everything is a total mess.
I wish i knew just what would put this world to peace... and
final total rest.

Friday, June 05, 2009

These years of darkness.

Whitened repositories got our lives in their hands,
pushing us towards their promised lands
labs of hate your minds have been made,
sealing your fate till your souls disintegrate.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quello che tu sei (it's what you are)

Quello che tu sei
quello che tu vuoi
quello che non hai
quello che tu fai
quello che verrà
quello che è già
quello che non và
quello che non ha....

quello che non è
quello che non sa
quello che sarà
quello che è aldilà
quello che non sei
quello che tu sei

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Repetita iuvant ( in case you missed it ).

Love is the answer
الحب هو الحل
Dashuria është përgjigjja
Любовта е отговорът
L'amor és la resposta
Láska je odpověď
사랑의 대답은
Ljubav je odgovor
Love er svaret
אהבה היא התשובה
Armastus on vastus
Rakkaus on vastaus
L'amour est la réponse
Љубав је одговор
O amor é a resposta
Η αγάπη είναι η απάντηση
प्यार का जवाब है
Mīlestība ir atbilde
Liefde is het antwoord
Miłość jest odpowiedzią
Dragostea este raspunsul
Любовь ответа
Ljubezen je odgovor
El amor es la respuesta
Kärlek är svaret
Pag-ibig ang sagot
Die Liebe ist die Antwort
Aşk cevabı
Любов відповіді
A szerelem a válasz
Tình yêu là câu trả lời
L'Amore è la Risposta.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some small dwarfs (to those who still can think).

These little men,
small hearted,
miserable minded,
they made you blind,
and keep you down,
they feed you lies,
and numb your minds,
when will you wake up,
when will you realise,
that their dreams are your nightmares ?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sovereign of the fogs

To my fellows the freaks.

Look at my tarantula,
she's so calm on my wall,
so aware of it all,
quite a nice gal,
keeps me away from hell,
if you ask her what will be,
she'll just smile at me,
and i'll tell you "hey my freak,
look up here, what do you see?".

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Blues for Kalpana

This is an instrumental song i wrote while the Space Shuttle Columbia was exploding on its re-entry to earth the 1 February 2003 and it's not a typical blues.
Here's the story of the birth of this song.

It was saturday morning in Italy, I woke up late (as usual) and started playing some random chords on my piano. Very soon I found myself playing 4 chords which seemed to me as if they were floating on air . I kept on playing, waiting for a variation in the melody to come out my fingers, I was fascinated by that slight change of tone of the intro. It reminded me of the stars and of the outer space. Closing my eyes I could see black sky and silvery lights. After a while I turned on the television without sound (I often do), and saw what seemed to me a normal re-entry of a Space Shuttle : I was amazed at the coincidence and I went on playing without looking at the television again, wondering about the stellar correspondence and synchronicity.

Soon I found the missing piece of the song. It fitted perfectly with the intro and seemed to have a bit of an epic touch, giving to the whole song the sensation of a sad triumphal march. I kept on playing. When I was sure that I had the whole song memorized in my mind I lit up a cigarette, looked up at the television again and saw the images of the exploding Shuttle.

I was shocked; I felt shivers up and down my spine, really got the creeps. I was thinking of synchronicity, feeling like I'd just been connected to other people's lives. I remembered a girl I had noticed before, she was in the shuttle. She was the same age as me, I saw her before on the news, she had impressed me for her beauty, intelligence and courage . I felt so sorry for her.

I finished recording "Blues for Kalpana" on the same day of the shuttle explosion.
I am honored to dedicate this song to the brave astronauts who lost their lives for all of us, and, particularly, to :

Kalpana Chawla ,41 , aerospace engineer, FAA Certified Flight Instructor and Mission Specialist for STS-107. Kalpana Chawla was responsible for more than twelve scientific experiments on the Shuttle Columbia. It was her second trip into space, the first one was in 1997. She described the earth view from space as very beautiful, and said she wished everyone could see it as she had.
Kalpana Chawla was born forty-one years ago in Karnal, about one-hundred-thirty kilometers north of New Delhi. Her friends say she always had the dream to fly. She moved to the United States in the nineteen-eighties, after graduating from Punjab Engineering College. She studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Texas in Arlington and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She became an astronaut in 1994. After Kalpana became an American citizen, she continued to stay in touch with students at her school in her hometown. Every year, she invited two of them to visit her at the American space agency. Students say she told them to follow their dreams, and that she would help them if their dreams could not come true in India. Hundreds of students had gathered at the school when the Columbia astronauts were expected to return to Earth. They prayed together when they learned the news that the shuttle had broken apart. Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-born woman in space. But she told Indian reporters that she did not feel Indian when flying. She said that looking at the stars made her feel that she was from the solar system, not from one area of land on Earth. Millions of people in India, the United States and other nations mourned the loss of Kalpana and the other six Columbia astronauts.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who'll be the 1st ?

Same day, same place, 2 different news.
  • Mexico City at epicenter of growing swine flu fears.
  • Strong earthquake felt in Mexico City.
Now i'm waiting for the next 1st big asshole who'll say this is some god's punishment for human sins.
I'd agree if it was for human stupidity.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

From now on

From now on I will be writing a song
Instead of the heartbreaks
instead of the rules
And my familiar craving
Walking on the moon…
Yeah from now on I will be writing a song

Can you feel my hunger ?
Can't you hear me calling you ?
Do you ever wonder
What am I supposed to do
Do you think about me ?
'cause I'm feeling you

yeah from now on I will be writing a song
feeling lonely just like you
(I'm feeling lonely now….)
and my familiar craving
breaking all the rules
(I'm feeling lonely now….)
yeah from now on I will be writing a song

Can you feel my hunger ?
Can't you hear me calling you ?
Do you ever wonder
What am I supposed to do
Do you think about me ?
'cause I'm feeling you


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Angel of the night

Where do we go from here ?
angel of the night
you said there's nothing to fear
angel of the night

sailing on the howling breeze
drifting in the open wild
are you going to stay with me
angel of the night

let's go down
down by the river track
morning singing
be yourself.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hic et nunc

Life comes at night
between darkness and lights
blurred trails and good wine
here's where beauty lays
some good friends and good laughs
we are here right on time
nobody owns me at night
let the whole world be mine
while the moments go wild
and the memories arise
we will all be as one
waiting for life at night.

thank you all friends

Friday, March 13, 2009

Post for people of Perù

This post is for the kids who emailed me from Perù asking for the lyrics of my song "parole nuove".
Since i updated my main website dariomusic they can't find the lyrics anymore, don't worry, i'll be re-uploading all the lyrics of my songs as soon as my new songs will be ready.
In the meantime here are the original lyrics of the italian version of "new words".


Parole Nuove

Mi guardo intorno e vedo che
Tutto è irreale intorno a me
Gente che guarda ma non vede
Gente che prega ma non crede
Gente che vuole amore ma
Niente in cambio dà
Mi chiedo quale sia il senso più profondo di un vivere nel mondo
senza nessuna identità

Vorrei parole nuove
Gesti da far rumore
Per risvegliare la mia anima

Dimmi tu perché
Non sono ciò che voglio
Dimmi tu perché
Non dico ciò che penso
E vago senza identità
Identità smarrita
Dissolta tra le dita
Ed incapace di riemergere

Vorrei parole nuove
Gesti da far rumore
Per risvegliare la mia anima
E guardo intorno a me
Tutto questo mondo che…

Thanks to Milena De Gaetano for kindly providing me most of the words of this song.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! - Turn the TV off ! -

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Questions questions.

We were the first ones to lay our steps into the future
shall we be the last ones to remember ?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

How could i ?

I mean how could i talk about my music while in the meantime my country is stinking more and more with everyday passing by ? music becomes so meaningless, it's been perverted, it has become just another way to control the masses.
Let us get rid from the bringers of absolut truth, let us have the strenght to look within ourselves.
And those who can't do it then just shut up their fucking mouths.