Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Merciful death

Merciful death
by Hager.

You're there signing papers,you signed them
i can't think,but if i could
i stray away ,my mind does so for me
i lean on my shoulder in the corner
but i'm supposed to be a strong-hearted person
and pull it out when it's time to say stop!
and in my head there's no time,time's limitless
why shouldn't you be?i could.
i could make you timeless
i won't pull anything and leave you there alive

is this a situation where i'm tested in
how does god do it?
how does he have the heart to take your living secret
inside you
and make us bury you six-feet under?
evrybody's looking at me and eyes say'...'
what are they saying?i'm not even concentrating,not even
looking,not even remembering
that i looked in their direction...
i'm slightly shaking my head
you couldn't see me could you?

what am i supposed to do?
i shake my head again;i can't become heartless
but my hand has another programming
stretching out to the device,wanting to turn it off
i'm motionless,paralyzed,yet my head's working.
if i were more sensitive i would have been crying
and the devices and place wouldn't be clear to me
there'll be time for that,when time comes
it's timeless now,do you know that?

honestly:who's the one suffering?the patient
or the attenders(family,friends,etc)?
neither would the patient want to die
nor would we want them to die
so why kill them?
life's sacred and beautiful... why leave it forcefully?
unless it's God's wish to.we could argue
but not stop Him from forcing us to depart

i touch the device and the plug
i pat them and look down.
one turn to you,a deep breath
a look into emptiness
and then i'm gone.
you'll rest in peace,
whether in bed or in your coffin
definitely i know
definitely i know
definitely i know.