Monday, August 31, 2009

Tell the sun.

"Tell the sun", my 1st CD, contains a selection of some of the best songs i wrote during the last 20 years. The songs are very different one from each other, they're a summary of my musical experiences from 1980 until now.

  • "Angel of the night", one of my favourite songs, a sad and Wagner-like violins intro with an electric final vision.
  • "Things you do" How sex can improve your life.
  • "Chi sei?" - "Who are you?". Who are you deep down inside and late at night ?
  • "Lost in the subway" This song would have probably been a hit in the '80s. I love the old new wave sound.
  • "Try to speak" Just a dream in the night. Someone told me this song is "soothing".
  • "Never seek to tell" From a poem by William Blake (1757-1827) a romantic and happy song, playing the unpredictable games of love.
  • "Games to play" The sea and me. There are whale's chants at the end of the song.
  • "Tell the sun" This song is about innocence. Growing older and losing it.
  • "Evensong" Words and visions. The liturgy of depression.
  • "I had a home" Many people like the '70s progressive sound of this song.
  • "Sogno" Acoustic guitar, flamenco and psichedelic sounds.

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