Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Actually reading :

Randall Sullivan
The miracle detective
Written by the Rolling Stones magazine journalist R. Sullivan, it's an amazing journey through nowadays biggest miracles. I enjoyed his fresh and honest point of view.

Joseph Ratzinger
Aus meinem leben Erinnerungen 1927-1977
Who's this man ?

Peter Arnett
Live from the battlefield
This book has something to do with my song "I had a home".

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Coming soon

Nightmares and dreams and what's in between.   

Friday, September 23, 2005

Today listening to :

It's one month already my CD player is continuosly playing
"Silent Alarm", the last CD from the new band named "Bloc

They're new, powerful, refreshing, regenerating,
psychedelic, original, enchanting, visionary, melodic,
emotional. What could you ask for more ?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My name

Dario : From the Persian name Darayavaush, traditional
name of the Achemenidi kings dinasty , the greek
version is Dareios; it means "He who keeps well-being,
who owns well-being, gifted in science and wisdom".

Sunday, September 11, 2005

From Clotilde May in response to my post Autumn thoughts

I received a nice and kind mail in response to my last post,
it's an interesting point of view and I gladly publish it.
You may agree with it or not, it depends on your beliefs,
but the real point that makes me sad is that mankind still
need a God to make this world a nice place to live in, while
we all should look for a new better world to build in our
hearts and from our hearts.

From Miss Clotilde May, USA.
MODERN MAN has lost respect for the earth in his greed for
comfort, speed and commercial gain." So reads the jacket for
the book 5000 Days to Save the Planet. We are living with
the results of man's greed. And whether theories about
global warming prove true or not, one thing is sure-man is
damaging our beautiful planet. Our only hope is the
fulfillment of the Bible's promise that God will "bring to
ruin those ruining the earth."-Revelation 11:18.God will
replace the corrupt system of human rulership with an
entirely new system. Before brushing off that idea as
religious nonsense, consider this: Who would know more about
the needs of earth's environment than its Creator? Such
criticisms are not reasonable, however. The World Book
Encyclopedia defines a miracle as "an event that cannot be
explained through the known laws of nature." By that
definition, a color TV, a cellular phone, or a laptop
computer would have been considered miracles just a century
ago! Does it make sense to be dogmatic and call something
impossible simply because we cannot explain it according to
present scientific knowledge?

Another fact to consider: In the original Greek language in
which the "New Testament" was written, the word used for
"miracle" was dy'na·mis-a word basically meaning "power." It
is also rendered "powerful works" or "ability." (Luke 6:19;
1 Corinthians 12:10; Matthew 25:15) The Bible claims that
Jesus' miracles were a manifestation of "the majestic power
of God." (Luke 9:43) Would such works be impossible for an
almighty God-One who has an "abundance of dynamic
energy"?-Isaiah 40:26.

Although God has permitted imperfection and suffering for a
long time from the human viewpoint, he will not allow bad
conditions to go on indefinitely. The Bible tells us that
God has a specific time period for allowing these things to

"For everything there is an appointed time." (Ecclesiastes
3:1) When God's allotted time for permitting wickedness and
suffering comes to its conclusion, then he will intervene in
human affairs. He will bring an end to wickedness and
suffering and will fulfill his original purpose to have the
earth filled with a perfect, happy human family enjoying
total peace and economic security amid Paradise conditions.
Clotilde May, USA.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Autumn thoughts

These kind of things really make me mad !!!

I'm reading on papers ....somebody's thanking
hurricane Katrina saying it's god's punishment , ... the
jews are doing it because of bush support to sharon's
decision to withdraw from gaza, muslims are doing it
because it's allah's punishment for usa sins,
i think that the so called god or allah or whatever the
name, has something better to do than listening to
dogs' barkings ... what a pity and sadness for mankind
and our freedom of thought .... I don't believe in
religions, i think that they will bring mankind to a
anticipated ending ...
With nowadays technology and knowledge we could
build millions of heavens in this world but we're still
stuck with our heads in some god's ass ....... waiting for
useless never coming miracles, how sad .....