Monday, August 31, 2009


"LOVE!", of course, has been inspired by Love, in some of its many forms. I wrote and recorded these songs during 2003-2004. This cd is somehow magic for me, many coincidences have followed the making of it. Each song has its story. Some nice, others not. The songs are spontaneous, born to communicate and to be understood and i really wish you will enjoy them. Have fun.

  • "From now on" most songs are born from suffering, and most of the suffering is because of love, somehow.
  • "Tumbling man" the negation of love, the darkest side of me.
  • "Welcome to the party" an acid dance song. The love for power. Real Power. Panem et circenses. Nothing has changed.
  • "Blues for Kalpana" the LOVE for adventure, for knowledge. To risk your own life for it. Space. Stars. The last frontier. Dedicated to Kalpana Chawla.
  • "Face to face" the first real true love song i have ever written.
  • "New words" when love comes to an end all that you wish are new words to restart yourself.
  • "The witch" I love women and their dark mysterious bewitched wild side, i have known many of them. How do witches make love ? Here's my soundtrack for it.
  • "Morning girl" the feeling i got when i wrote this song was that it would have been perfect sung by Paul Mc Cartney not by my ugly voice. Paul if you're there have a listen.
  • "Quello che tu sei" thinking too much about yourself can be dangerous.

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