Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ambientalism and people who care.

Paul Cat & Lola

This seems to be the year of old friends returning into my life, it's true that soul brothers may be distant but they never forget each other. Paul was one of my musical heroes, we became friends and shared some crazy times in our youth. I've met him last summer after a couple of decades we had lost contact and it was just like finding again a lost brother.

Paul has got a long story behind him, guess many of you out there have heard about Paul Chain's Death SS. My old band The Drivers, and Paul's SS, were the only bands in my town in the late seventies and early eighties, we were the very pioneers of the musical scene of our bleak town. Sometime ago he decided to die artistically and then he came back again in another incarnation. He now calls himself Paul Cat, if you don't know anything about him this is a good opportunity to know better a free mind in a chained world.

So let me introduce you his new project called "Metropolis" which is not only about music but also about environment and ambientalism. You can download for free the entire new album and also look at his projects, you'll find his website enlightening.
I hope you will find him as special as he really is.

Paul Cat for ambientalism
Metropolis (2009)

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