Friday, October 21, 2005

New CD

I'm a man of few words, I like to speak only if I can say
something meaningful and new. I don't believe in words too
much, that's why I'm a songwriter and not a novelist I
suppose. On the other hand this is a blog, so I should keep
my fans informed about my music and new songs without being
too boring or meaningless. All of my songs are grown up with
time, waiting for inspiration, for pieces to go together,
for emotions and thougths to have a meaning, a life on their
own. I've had a lot of emotions lately. They're giving birth
to my new project. I'm working on the cover now. It's born
from a vision. I don't take drugs or alchool but sometimes,
when my brain is in "creative mode", my eyes fill up with
sudden images. I saw a reptile's eye. Looking as if he was
staring at his prey. Very cold and very mean. Like this :

I think it represents the deepest inner human nature. The
basic survival instinct that is maybe the only
charateristic all mankind has in common. This is a just a
sketch of the CD cover. If you have a reptile's eye
picture, with a more mean and bad look than this one, just
email it to me, you could own the art-credits of the CD cover.

It will be called "Nightmares & Dreams". Why ? Like the yin
and yang, positive and negative, 0 and 1, male and female. I
wonder if being a libra zodiacal sign has something to do
with my attitude to see things from both sides. I find that
life is mostly made of choices. And most likely the main
choice is between two sides. Life is living between the
choices we make everyday. The dreams that we have and the
nightmares that hunt us when we feel alone. And what starts
like a dream might turn into a nightmare ...

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