Thursday, July 14, 2005


Actually reading :

Arthur C. Clarke / Stephen Baxter
Time's eye
Amazing novel through times.

James Reston
Warriors of God
The history of the 3rd crusade, enlightening.

Jeffery Deaver
The Devil's teardrop
A dark thriller for the summer.

Graham Hancock
Fingerprints of the Gods
This book really made me think, where do we come from ?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Why is music so important ?

Many ask me why I like music so much.
I have the highest consideration for music. Besides being
part of the material world, with its physics laws, music is
also made out of the dream world. Music brings together
transcendence and materialism in a way no other art can do.
All we need to enjoy it are just our ears and imagination.
Music has also other interesting peculiarities.
Music has the magical power to make different kind of people
realize that they share the same feelings.
It gives mankind something in common to all races and people
Last night I was looking at the Live 8 and chatting with a
student from Yemen who was asking informations about the
concert. We had a long nice chat and I learned some things I
didn't know about the life in Yemen. We found a common
ground in music, so that the communication could begin and
we could talk openly to each other because we shared the
same interests, we felt closer. Later I though that we could
never have had a chance to talk if it wasn't for music. We
were interested in each other's world. I think that people
is just the same wherever you go, all they want is to live
in peace, in a safe place, have food and health ...we're all
the same no matter our religion or colour. We should stop
thinking about our differences. Music and the TV media
tonight could dissipate a small percentage of the atmosphere
of incomprehension and fear, with Pink Floyd's words we
brought down a wall. Never believe the lies they're feeding
you. All we need are our hearts... and music of course.