Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For the people living in year 2199

I would like to leave a note for people who I hope will be living in better times than these.
The dreams of my generation turned into nightmares, we believed in peace and freedom, we believed in souls' enlightenment. We were dreaming of a less materialistic society, not entirely driven by money and greed. We were waiting for an age of spirituality, a breath of purifyng religion and sense of wonder for the universe and all the things in it. What have we got now ? Ideals are long gone and forgotten it seems, the consumistic beast had devoured our best dreams, caught in a rat race we forgot that there could be a better life for mankind. Religion has turned into a sort of politic party, it only serve for somebody's needs to control and manipulate. What do we see 'round the corner ? Old ancient mindless ideologies of violence are surfacing again in our societies, wolves are beginning to bark again, they're guiding their sheeps into the new internment camps. What will all this be leading to ? i'm not optimistic, i still think that mankind has a long way to go before we learn that we could build a better world for all. I think that there are dark times ahead of us, times where wolves be be wearing sheep's clothes, they'll be talking of love, using it as a strategy to justify their deeds. But it will be a conditioned love, those who're with them will be the chosen ones, and the others will only be an obstacle to remove. The age of brain control is coming into action, the puppeteers have started to weave their strings. I'm dreaming now that in 100 years my grandnephews will be dreaming their own dreams and build a better way of living, in peace with all mankind.

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