Monday, November 13, 2006

Me and the beatles .. the beatles and me (the walrus inside)

I just read that the next Beatles' collection and remixes
Cd will be called "Love"... just like my latest Cd which I
published in 2004.
This is the latest of many coincidences happened between me
and them so I just wish to spend a couple of words about it.
It's like a circle that closes in.

I was born on the same day the first single from the Beatles
"Love me do" was released on the market. It was back on the
beginning of the sixties. I grew up with their music and
inspiration. I still can recall the feelings i got when i
was just few years old and i heard "Eleanor rigby", I didn't
understand a single word of what Paul sang, i was attending
the elementary school, but i perfectly understood the
feeling of loneliness inside that song. I also can recall
the big shock I had when the italian television broadcasted
the cartoon "Yellow submarine". It was amazing to see the Glove
fly and Blue Meanies bleaching things. When the Beatles took
the "G" out of the destroyer glove and transformed it in Love
it just became a part of my imagination as a kid.

There has always been some kind of connection between me and
the Fab 4, i'm a libra just like John, I got married with an
asian girl like him, I even have been menaced by some sort
of idiot fan just like him,i also was afraid to be shoot. My
daughter is named after Beatles first disco graphic company.
The funny thing of it all is that i didn't do anything

It gives me a sort of tender feeling to think about Paul and
Ringo as they are now, they represent a big slice of my
life, i can only thank them all from the very deep of my
heart for having taught me that love is all we need.
What will remain of them ?

This crazy world seems to have forgotten Love, although we
need it now more than ever, so I hope that their new Cd will
bring us a memory of what could have been if those years had
fulfilled their promises of love and peace instead of being
devoured by history and Blue Meanies.

Still here after all these years.

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