Thursday, September 08, 2005

Autumn thoughts

These kind of things really make me mad !!!

I'm reading on papers ....somebody's thanking
hurricane Katrina saying it's god's punishment , ... the
jews are doing it because of bush support to sharon's
decision to withdraw from gaza, muslims are doing it
because it's allah's punishment for usa sins,
i think that the so called god or allah or whatever the
name, has something better to do than listening to
dogs' barkings ... what a pity and sadness for mankind
and our freedom of thought .... I don't believe in
religions, i think that they will bring mankind to a
anticipated ending ...
With nowadays technology and knowledge we could
build millions of heavens in this world but we're still
stuck with our heads in some god's ass ....... waiting for
useless never coming miracles, how sad .....

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