Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Just a couple of words about creativity. I've often questioned myself lately about my passion for music and what it means. I just know that I've always wrote songs, since I was a 6 years old boy and put my hands on a piano for the first time. Creativity is an inside power, a force which compels the affected person to produce and concretize his own feelings in the most appropriate way. Even if there is no return back. Even if nobody will ever listen or read or see what the so called "artist" had done. It's just a force from inside which urges ourselves to bring our inside out in the most expressive way that's possible.
So I know I've just got no alternative, I have to let my feelings out in order to feel realized and give my life a meaning beyond plain living.
Which leads me to think ... what then about all the quarrel and fuzz about mp3 downloading from the net ? World wide known artists sobbing about their loss of creativity because of illegal downloading. They say illegal industry is killing creativity. Poor them, they surely need tons of cash to continue fueling up their creativity. Thanks God, I'm not famous, my songs are free for everybody, but the fire still burns.


vergarina said...

bisogna sapere in quale dio o dea credere.

vergarina said...

bisogna sapere in quale dio credere e dea invocare.